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Photos from the Military Appreciation Day 2012

NC State vs. Wake Forest - Nov 15 - is the Military Appreciation Day football game for 2014 (big and bold headline)

Once again the Wolfpack Club is encouraging fans attending this game to bring items to be packed in Care Packages and shipped to our deployed troops.

For the seventh year The Back Home Box Foundation has volunteered to help collect those items at the game and get them packed and mailed.

Click on the Soldier Wish List to see what to shop for - if you brought things last year then just bring the same thing this year.

Volunteers will be outside the main gates and at the Wolfpack Club tent in the FAN ZONE - just look for the Back Home Box signs.

Click on the Facebook link to see what we do and to see what a boost to morale it is.

Thanks for your support - God Bless Our Troops

Featured Soldier E-mail

Hey Everyone,

I'm Tom M..... and I wanted to send an extra thanks for all you do.
In fall 2007, when you guys first started, I was a Marine deployed to Iraq. I began receiving your packages around that same time and they made a big difference in our lives. At first they were coming kind of slowly and we checked every day, hoping to receive another one of your awesome packages. As the deployment dragged on, we began receiving more and more of your packages until we had to start giving some to other units around base (all of whom also enjoyed them). I was also able to give toys and candy to Iraqi's, which greatly helped us build their trust and appreciation, so in a way, you have directly helped us win this long war by sharing some love with the people of Iraq. Now I am home and I'm able to spend the holidays with my family, but so many troops are still out there and you guys haven't forgotten that. I am planning a collection event of my own at a local bar and plan to send their donations your way (don't worry, I know booze isn't I remember one of the best things in your boxes were notes from people and children back home, they were heartwarming and motivational (don't tell anyone but I know I saw a few Marines shed a tear), which is why that is one of the main things I'm requesting people bring out. Ya'll were there for me and my Marines, now it's my turn to return the favor. Thank you again for all you do, you're greatly appreciated!
Semper Fi,
Tom M.....